Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Magento: Advantages and features

Magento is a fast emerging open source Content Management System that uses MySql and Zend PHP databases. Like, word press Magento's CMS support the creation of complex content pages, menus and version controls. Magento provides merchants with high flexibility and control to create online stores that fit their business needs. By using Magento we can create online store with powerful features like marketing, multi store management and mobile commerce etc.

Magento creates a seamless shopping experience for customers as they move among different systems, computers, smart phones or tablets. Customers shopping from anywhere at anytime. The customers will love their site as magento provides great features. Through these features we can easily develop and manage successful online shopping cart.

Here are some features of Magento,
  • Magento is designed with SEO in mind. So the customer can easily find their products online. Magento shopping cart software generates SEO friendly URLs, Customized Meta tags and Google site map.
  • Magento offers high security. Magento Enterprise Edition comes with Secure Payment Bridge which provides PCI Data Security Standard.
  • Magento makes the product browsing easier. It featured multiple images for each product, wish lists, extensive reviews and much more. This will make the customer an easy navigation, product comparison etc.
  • Magento creates the order through admin area, credit memo's call center order. Also it can create mulitlpe invoice shipments and credit memos.
  • It has different payment methods. The methods like Credit cards, Paypal, Authorize.net, checks, money orders, ePay, eWay etc.
  • Magento offers multiple language support. It lists the allowed countries for registration, localization, purchasing and shipping.
We know that every business is different, for each business, the shopping site should be unique. Magento is designed to meet all merchant's business and technical requirements. By using Magento, we can achieve our visions.

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