Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Digital marketing Company in Cochin | Intersmart Solution

 Digital Marketing in simple terms is the marketing of products and services through digital channels. We live in a digital prosperity world where everything is digital. This echoes the importance of digital marketing. The internet is the right medium to find the target audience and market your products. In today’s competitive world, digital marketing for Your business in order to increase online visibility, branding and conversion. It is just a matter of finding the right Digital Marketing Company Kerala

Different digital marketing techniques are, 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Social media marketing

Content Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technique used to improve website/blog ranking among Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo.

Social media marketing

In social media marketing, we create contents and post on widely used Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, and Pinterest.  it's simply promoting your brand or business to reach more potential customers. 



Content Marketing

Content marketing is mainly done to create brand awareness. The aim of content marketing is to build brand awareness and transform the reader into a potential customer. These include blog posts, resources like white papers and ebooks, digital video, podcasts, etc. 

Consult the best Digital Marketing Company in Cochin to market your products and services digitally. 

Tuesday, 9 February 2021


Why redesigning your website is important?

Website redesigning can boost your business growth without even trying. It is important to redesign websites especially when it beneficial for your business. A website is made to create an online identity for a business or an individual. This website provides a space for the audience to identify you and convey what products and services your offer to them. There are countless benefits for redesigning a website. Let us look at some,

Benefits of redesigning a website

  • Increased search engine ranking
  • Increases user-friendliness
  • Increased sales
  • Grabs audience attention
  • Showcase your services
  • Faster loading time
  • Boosts conversion rates
  • Cost-effective

How to redesign your website

Consulting a web designing company in cochin can make website redesigning easy and hassle-free. Web design company in cochin offers website revamping in the most effective way in the most cost-effective way possible.

For more information about website redesigning read the full blog on






Monday, 27 August 2018

Key points to cover while building an SEO driven content campaign

Most SEOs today make the mistake of allowing themselves to be bogged down with the link building process, thus in the process overlooking SEO parameters. Given the instant results link building offers, it is easy to get lost in it and forget everything else. But setting aside roughly 20 minutes for various SEO factors is vital to generating user engagement. Of course, the standard processes such as link building may get you ahead on the ranking front, but it is equally important to take care of the on page SEO aspects of your site.

You must make sure that these points are covered in your content campaign before link building is in full swing”.

Following is checklist of essential factors that can break or make your content campaign.

Optimize your page titles

As basic as this practice may sound to many webmasters, most of them continue to overlook its importance. In order for search scrollers to make sense of your HTML page, it needs to have proper page titles. Always keep in these following factors;

Come up with unique sounding title pages that will resonate with readers. Your page title along with the content is indexed on google. They are also used by users on social media channels. If you are working on unique piece of content that could appeal to a large scale audience, you also stand the chance of gathering keyword specific searches. Run keyword research to find keywords that can fully optimize your page. Watch out for title duplication that could lead to cannibalization in ranking.

Write proper Meta Description for pages

Meta description carries little to no weight in improving your rankings, but you should take your time to write a snippet of information that best defines your page. The more accurate and appealing your meta descriptions, the better visibility they will have on search engine results pages. The practice will sure earn your pages higher traffic compared to pages without meta descriptions. The pages will see an improved click through rate accompanied by growth in social media shares.

Structuring an effective internal link architecture

This is another key aspect that often goes unnoticed. There are essentially two kinds of internal linking practice that every website is recommended to incorporate into its broader link building strategy. Firstly, you must build link to your most important pages using relevant anchor texts as keywords. The best way to make this happen is by creating a navigation menu that contains to all key pages or categories on your website. Just make sure that the menu doesn’t interfere with the style or alignment of the content. Build internal links within the original copy to other relevant pages. Look for chances to link interrelated pages in order to make information more accessible to audience.

Using Canonical Tags to best effect

These days, thanks to the advancement of content management system, one no longer needs to worry about creating canonical tag. However problems often arise when one is using a template file. Canonical tag helps you ascribe original status to a particular URL, thus preventing the passage of its link juice to other urls. All you need to do is to make sure that tag is correctly pointed towards URL of your choice. Keep an eye out for the following errors;

  • See if it is http or https
  • Www. or non-www.
Google is equipped to understand the distinctions to a certain extent. But running a routine check will help you spot these flaws and prevent the repeat of such mistakes once and for all.  

We web design company kerala - Intersmart is following this updated SEO driven content campaign for our clients.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Advantages of Bootstrap over Responsive Designs

Bootstrap is a framework designed by Twitter to make their designs easier.  Now Twitter bootstrap becoming the most wanted frond end framework today. More and more designers are using this framework to impress their clients. Designers always need a solid foundation that gives everything for a typical website. But today there are thousands of CSS frameworks are available. Among all these available CSS frameworks, Bootstrap is the most widely used framework. 

The main reasons for using bootstrap as your CSS framework includes,

1)  Responsiveness

The mobile devices continue to grow year after year. Creating responsive websites is an easy task with Bootstrap. Its fluid grid layout dynamically adjusts to proper resolution. By its fluid layout it makes proper responsiveness. Web designers Kerala offers highly professional responsive websites with bootstrap framework. 

2) Speed of Development

The main advantage of Bootstrap framework is the speed of development.  If you are thinking to design a new website, then you should consider to use bootstrap framework. Bootstrap enables you to utilize built in block of codes to make the task easier and is time consuming. Also you can purchase variety of bootstrap themes and can modify them to suit your needs. 

3) Customizable

By using bootstrap you can choose and pick the feature that you needed and the rest can be tossed. This is accomplished by using bootstrap the help of bootstrap customized page. Whether you need any drop down menu, alert box or pagination bootstrap allows this feature.  This bootstrap makes the customizing task easier. 

4) Support

The next advantage of Bootstrap is that it has a huge community support behind it. So if there any issues occur while you run it, you can easily get help from them. Also, Bootstrap itself continuously updated. 

Now you got some benefits of Bootstrap framework. This framework allows for rapid, responsive development that is consistent and Customizable

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Black Hat SEO: The dark side in digital marketing

SEO is a strategy used to boost up the website traffic and increase visitors to our site.  We know that search engines are not reliable. We are living in the internet world. In our searching lives, found a link on the web that appeared to be very interesting however when clicked were frustrated to find that destination page was rubbish. Its a complete waste of time.  To get the top ranking, some use spamdexing or the black hat seo techniques. Black hat seo techniques use different methods to manipulate HTML pages to increase their ranking on the search engine results page.

Black Hat SEO truly does not pay off. Search engine algorithms are consistently changed to help them stay legit in letting the cream rise to the top. It is best to begin as you intend to go on, regardless of the possibility that it takes a touch longer to rise to the highest point of the web search engines.  Identifying black hat SEO is little difficult. Always be careful about dealing with SEO companies who make promises. Before hiring any seo services in kerala, look into their reputation.  Make sure that they are honest and have good testimonials from real clients to ensure what they are telling about their service.

Effective SEO, particularly in a competitive niche, can be similar to a full time work and that is likely why you need to get some assistance. Employ a specialist SEO experts however look on to their straightforwardness in their methods. On the off chance that something doesn't sit right, make questions.  It does not hurt to come up to on fundamentals of white hat and black hat SEO with the goal that you can carefully focus what's occurring with your business. Some web design kerala companies providing best seo strategies. Search engine optimization is an advancing world and a respectable matter can help your business take advantage of it through confirmed and ethical methods that work. 

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Is Your Website Ready For “Mobilegeddon” ?

Today, most people use their mobile phones to search something. Mobile usability has become a great factor in Google search algorithm. Google, on perceiving the fact that 60% of Google searches are carried out by means of mobile devices, is situated to adopt to this shift by building up an algorithm that will help rank mobile friendly sites in the mobile search lists. Consequently, Google introducing algorithms to find mobile friendly sites and the App Indexing that will deal with substance best proper for your device.
Google announces that on April 21, it will start rolling out the new algorithm. It will affect all mobile searches in all languages. Despite the fact that there are many details accessible, it's a given fact that the algorithm is certain to have an enormous effect. It will be interesting to see what new components will be included, what sort results will be included and how precisely it will affect the search items.
If you are site is not mobile friendly, now its your time to update g site with all mobile strategies. For that, make sure that your site is responsive and is active. Responsive websites are very common today, but you need to have a separated hosted mobile version. Also, make sure that Google’s mobile bots can crawl your website. If Google bots could not see your website, it may as well not even be there. Then check each page of your website on a mobile device to ensure proper navigability.  
Google offers some tools to check whether your site is mobile friendly or not. You can use Mobile friendly test for checking this. It checks whether your website meets all initial qualifications. Google webmaster tools contain a detailed mobile usability report, so you can use this tool to examine your site. The web design Kerala offers these types of all tests. So if any errors occur, you have to correct all them within this month. Hire any web design company Kerala and make your site mobile friendly.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Social Media Optimization: The new face of SEO

Today, the Social Media Optimization has to play a crucial role in SEO services. The services of Search Engine Optimization seem to be incomplete without Social Media Optimization. SMO is a way promoting your business through social media sites. The basic tools of SMO are blogs, bookmarks, social media sites etc. Social Media Optimization is associated with search engine marketing. The improved search ranking, web site traffic are the great benefits of successful Social Media Optimization. It can increase the brand awareness and visibility.
Here are some points that help you when conducting SMO for your website.
  1. Increase link ability:
When doing Social Media Optimization for your site, you need to increase the link ability of the content. Adding blogs on your website is a great option. Creating white papers and thought pieces or aggregating content are useful ways for increasing link ability.
  1. Reputation:
The reputation of your website starts with ensuring that you are an expert curator of your business. By doing research and producing original content or adding quality content, you can build reputation. This will make you a respected and qualified source. Your reputation can increase by sharing contents and engaging people with discussions, commenting etc. 
  1. Engagement:
For better SMO, you need to actively engage with your audience. You have to focus on the networks with which to connect and make it simple for peoples to cooperate. It might be that individuals will connect with content on your site yet you may see a great number of people eager to interact in their communities, for example, Google+ groups and LinkedIn bunches. You can join these by utilizing say Google+ remarks on your web site.
  1. Social:
You need to build high quality networks. Quality always matters more than high quantity. Seek out more exerts in your field, read what they say and engage them and share your ideas with them.
  1. Media Platforms:

For Social Media Optimization process, it is very important to choose the right platforms and communities. Some platforms are very effective for improving web site traffic. Google plus and Facebook are good social media platforms for making brand awareness.