Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Social Media Optimization: The new face of SEO

Today, the Social Media Optimization has to play a crucial role in SEO services. The services of Search Engine Optimization seem to be incomplete without Social Media Optimization. SMO is a way promoting your business through social media sites. The basic tools of SMO are blogs, bookmarks, social media sites etc. Social Media Optimization is associated with search engine marketing. The improved search ranking, web site traffic are the great benefits of successful Social Media Optimization. It can increase the brand awareness and visibility.
Here are some points that help you when conducting SMO for your website.
  1. Increase link ability:
When doing Social Media Optimization for your site, you need to increase the link ability of the content. Adding blogs on your website is a great option. Creating white papers and thought pieces or aggregating content are useful ways for increasing link ability.
  1. Reputation:
The reputation of your website starts with ensuring that you are an expert curator of your business. By doing research and producing original content or adding quality content, you can build reputation. This will make you a respected and qualified source. Your reputation can increase by sharing contents and engaging people with discussions, commenting etc. 
  1. Engagement:
For better SMO, you need to actively engage with your audience. You have to focus on the networks with which to connect and make it simple for peoples to cooperate. It might be that individuals will connect with content on your site yet you may see a great number of people eager to interact in their communities, for example, Google+ groups and LinkedIn bunches. You can join these by utilizing say Google+ remarks on your web site.
  1. Social:
You need to build high quality networks. Quality always matters more than high quantity. Seek out more exerts in your field, read what they say and engage them and share your ideas with them.
  1. Media Platforms:

For Social Media Optimization process, it is very important to choose the right platforms and communities. Some platforms are very effective for improving web site traffic. Google plus and Facebook are good social media platforms for making brand awareness.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Enhance your Mobile website With CSS3 Functionality

We know that smart phones made tremendous growth in mobile market. People have skipped desktop and are checking online updates using their smart phones. To keep up with the competition, different companies are launching new devices that support out of mobile apps and user-friendly browser platform. Today, web development companies concentrate on developing responsive websites that are suitable for mobile phones. However, the most common challenges that they face while designing a responsive website for these devices are navigation menu structure, which ends up running into multiple lines or stack of buttons. It is not very complex to create new CSS style rules.

CSS is the most useful designing tool. Today most of the web design company Kerala uses CSS3 for their designing. It is the highly used designing tool. CSS3 offers a solution for designing responsive sites, which squeezes all the pages into small mobile version. CSS3 offers a single solution that works in all situations for both desktop and mobile browsers where you can reduce the size of HTML pages further in help in faster browsing and downloading. It is the method of dividing the content from the presentation on the web pages.

Responsive web design is a technique to build web pages that change how they look by entering just data values with HTML tags. It separates by applying comma to a single block. CSS3 becoming more and more popular which will help in credibility of mobile in changing size, fonts and positioning and display settings. CSS3 helps the designers to redefine the overall look of the content. It reduces the amount of code required to display on the page. CSS3 helps in making the design much easier. By using CSS, you will be having less work on out pages that can load faster and will be easy to print and update.