Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Is Your Website Ready For “Mobilegeddon” ?

Today, most people use their mobile phones to search something. Mobile usability has become a great factor in Google search algorithm. Google, on perceiving the fact that 60% of Google searches are carried out by means of mobile devices, is situated to adopt to this shift by building up an algorithm that will help rank mobile friendly sites in the mobile search lists. Consequently, Google introducing algorithms to find mobile friendly sites and the App Indexing that will deal with substance best proper for your device.
Google announces that on April 21, it will start rolling out the new algorithm. It will affect all mobile searches in all languages. Despite the fact that there are many details accessible, it's a given fact that the algorithm is certain to have an enormous effect. It will be interesting to see what new components will be included, what sort results will be included and how precisely it will affect the search items.
If you are site is not mobile friendly, now its your time to update g site with all mobile strategies. For that, make sure that your site is responsive and is active. Responsive websites are very common today, but you need to have a separated hosted mobile version. Also, make sure that Google’s mobile bots can crawl your website. If Google bots could not see your website, it may as well not even be there. Then check each page of your website on a mobile device to ensure proper navigability.  
Google offers some tools to check whether your site is mobile friendly or not. You can use Mobile friendly test for checking this. It checks whether your website meets all initial qualifications. Google webmaster tools contain a detailed mobile usability report, so you can use this tool to examine your site. The web design Kerala offers these types of all tests. So if any errors occur, you have to correct all them within this month. Hire any web design company Kerala and make your site mobile friendly.