Monday, 18 May 2015

Advantages of Bootstrap over Responsive Designs

Bootstrap is a framework designed by Twitter to make their designs easier.  Now Twitter bootstrap becoming the most wanted frond end framework today. More and more designers are using this framework to impress their clients. Designers always need a solid foundation that gives everything for a typical website. But today there are thousands of CSS frameworks are available. Among all these available CSS frameworks, Bootstrap is the most widely used framework. 

The main reasons for using bootstrap as your CSS framework includes,

1)  Responsiveness

The mobile devices continue to grow year after year. Creating responsive websites is an easy task with Bootstrap. Its fluid grid layout dynamically adjusts to proper resolution. By its fluid layout it makes proper responsiveness. Web designers Kerala offers highly professional responsive websites with bootstrap framework. 

2) Speed of Development

The main advantage of Bootstrap framework is the speed of development.  If you are thinking to design a new website, then you should consider to use bootstrap framework. Bootstrap enables you to utilize built in block of codes to make the task easier and is time consuming. Also you can purchase variety of bootstrap themes and can modify them to suit your needs. 

3) Customizable

By using bootstrap you can choose and pick the feature that you needed and the rest can be tossed. This is accomplished by using bootstrap the help of bootstrap customized page. Whether you need any drop down menu, alert box or pagination bootstrap allows this feature.  This bootstrap makes the customizing task easier. 

4) Support

The next advantage of Bootstrap is that it has a huge community support behind it. So if there any issues occur while you run it, you can easily get help from them. Also, Bootstrap itself continuously updated. 

Now you got some benefits of Bootstrap framework. This framework allows for rapid, responsive development that is consistent and Customizable

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